Testimonials About Arts For Fitness

My experience at Arts For Fitness has been a very enjoyable one. The convenience of the 24hr weight center combined with owners/employees who take the time to strike a conversation on a first name basis with its clients is amazing. Chi has been an amazing Yoga teacher who brought a very open minded and energetic presence to her classes. Although I never took TaeKwon-Do with Fred, I can say that he brings the same attitude to Arts For Fitness. He always made an effort to stop and have a conversation with me in the gym before heading up to teach a class and we could always hear his energy with the kids bursting through the walls. These guys care for their students and their clients and go out of their way to make sure everybody is having a good time!


-Michael Smith


Arts For Fitness Ninja Birthday Party

Three years ago, my son had his birthday party at Arts for Fitness…three years later and it is the only place he would even consider. We have tried TaeKwon-Do parties, Spy Training Parties, and even Nerf War Parties….each one well planned, thoughtful, and filled with love for my family. We are FAMILY at Arts for Fitness…they know us, what is going on with us, and the personal attention is something we have not found anywhere else!

B. Murphy


arts for fitness BJJ

arts for fitness BJJ

I came to Charleston for a short trip and wanted to maximize my training experience.  The Instructors at Arts for Fitness were flexible with my times and provided a wonderful positive learning environment for me to practice.The facilities are great and the center attracts like-minded positive students to work with -No ego’s.  A positive experience all around. Thanks!

Trent O. (Australia)


Jack with Mr fred

Jack with Mr fred Arts For Fitness Taekwondo

I have been taking TaeKwon-Do with Arts For Fitness since I was four years old, which makes for a grand total of twelve years. I would say that the fact I have continued to take it for so long is something of a testimony both to its effectiveness as a martial art and to its ability to be an enjoyable, healthy activity. Both aspects are important, and I feel that they are both provided for at Arts for Fitness. I have certainly learned a variety of skills taking TaeKwon-Do, from discipline and courtesy to self-defense and sparring. It has allowed me, and I hope others who have taken it, to be confident in my ability to defend myself and deal with a typically frightening situation should one arise. It has also helped me to establish a foundation of respect and courtesy, both within the classroom and outside of it. It is my belief that taking TaeKwon-Do would be an incredibly beneficial experience to anyone of any age. Fred Weil, the main instructor at AFF, a previous world competitor, has been my primary teacher for the past twelve years. He is incredibly competent and involved with his students. You would be very hard pressed to find anyone who knows TaeKwon-Do better. Fred is able to interact with people, especially children, in a comprehensive way that is necessary to both teach and mentor them. I thoroughly enjoy my time taking TaeKwon-Do.

 L. Jay

My son, Luke, loves going to Taekwondo at Arts for Fitness.  He has been in Mr. Fred’s class for about 6 months.  He has learned so much about Taekwondo.  Mr Fred does a wonderful job of teaching structure and respect.  The kids love him and enjoy his class. I am so thankful we found Arts for Fitness and Mr. Fred!

C. Clark

We love this place! We move around so much and my son has never found a better instructor than Fred Weil,( Sir.) He teaches them great morels,honesty,respect.. i owe a lot of my sons good spirit to Sir. he has made a lasting impression on our family.He cares so much about his students and their families. What a wonderful role model for children. I wish we could find someplace like AFF where we are now, it’s truly one of a kind! I would recommend this center to anyone! We love AFF!! please go and check this place out, they also have a fun summer camp… Sir if you are reading this, Thank You and you would be so proud of who my Son is today.


Our son started with Taekwon-Do just a few weeks ago.  He describes the experience as “AMAZING!” and cannot wait to go to class .  His self-confidence has grown, he is being challenged physically and mentally, and is more aware of respect for others.  His Sensei is great with kids- he brings out the best  in his students.  I look forward to the years to come and watching our son grow with the program.  We highly recommend this for your son or daughter!  Top notch, friendly people and fun for kids!

S. Wells

Well in all honesty Martial Arts was the furthest of my mind as my son has shown aggression at home and at school. I was so nervous and at unease to sign Chrsitopher up although his Dr has recommended for him to do so. We have been with Arts For Fitness Taekwon-Do program for two months now and our lives have been so positively impacted!!Mr. Fred not only teaches my child the physicality (self defense) but a disciplined lifestyle, that he now is able to incorporate at home and at school. We still have some red days at school, but the changes are already evident and I am so grateful! I finally have the support system that is helping me guide my son Christopher down the right path.

R. Simmons

This school has built confidence and enhanced the skills of both my children. i would highly recommend Arts For Fitness to anyone!

Chief Doc Matthews

Taekwondo has been outstanding for our son.  It has been wonderful for him for self confidence, and is helping him to obtain a level of physical endurance he has not had for quite some time.  Team sports have been harder for him, but Taekwondo has really been a wonderful experience.  He never complains to go to class, as he did in the past with team sports.  It is now part of his routine and a part that he truly enjoys.  He is learning respect and other outstanding life skills as well.  Most importantly, he is proud of his accomplishment.

Yoga has been a wonderful experience as well.  It has been a great mother/son time together, as he is in Taekwondo while I’m next door doing yoga.   I have learned SO much in just a few classes as the environment is one that is conducive to learning.  The other members in the class are very helpful and welcoming as well.  There is a sense of strength and relaxation with each class that can’t be obtained with other work outs and it is a class I look forward to.

C. Crook



Yoga Testimonials Arts For Fitness

Yoga Testimonials Arts For Fitness

I LOVE Arts for Fitness for yoga.  When I began taking yoga classes there 4 1/2 years ago, I had chronic bursitis in my right hip requiring regular cortisone injections, osteoporosis and arthritis.  Since starting yoga my bursitis and osteoporosis have diminished.  I no longer go to doctors other than for a cold or yearly physical.  I have lost 10-15 pounds and gained substantial muscle tone.  It has helped my body image and mental wellness.  The teacher is great at working a class with people having different physical limitations and is always finding variations to a lot of the poses.  Classes are rarely the same and the environment is friendly, clean and comfortable.


Yoga has become a part of my life to keep in shape and clear my mind. Yoga actually repairs and rejuvenates you making you better in your sports and daily life. If you are trying to find a great place to practice Chi at Arts for Fitness is a great teacher. She will work with you to help you achieve a centered and healthy outlook on life. She will also have you looking and feeling great. There is nothing to lose and great benefits to gain. Give it a try!

C. Stone

I would highly recommend the Yoga classes at Arts for Fitness.  Classes are a good pace and are structured so any level can participate and achieve a sense of accomplishment – and we have fun with it!    Chi is a fabulous teacher who is able to encourage each participant to challenge themselves to greater flexibility and balance in class and in life. I look forward to weekly practice and have found that I have been able to better handle the daily stresses that life can present.


I started going to the Yoga class at Arts for Fitness 2 ½ years ago. When I first went I had a lot of pain in one of my shoulders. I had to take pain medication to help me sleep and to be able to move my arm through the day. Now my shoulder is pain free and flexible without having to take any medication. Chi is an excellent teacher, she always gives praise and helps you to feel good about yourself. You never feel inadequate in her class. You will be amazed at what she can get you to do with your body. I look forward to class and really enjoy it.

B Bouvier