These are the best ways we found to keep your BJJ Gi from shrinking, fading in color, and smelling fresh:

  1. Wash in COLD WATER
  2. HANG DRY or use the lowest heat setting the dryer has. This is done to minimize shrinkage
  3. Soak your new color BJJ Gi in 2-3 cups of white vinegar and cold water. Let soak for 30 minutes and then wash with color safe detergent
  4. Liquid Free & Clear Detergent  we have found that the detergent that is free of dyes, perfumes, etc. seems to work a lot better at removing odors – especially when combined with other products like Oxy Clean, Borax, Vinegar, etc.
  5. Wash your gi with a bit of Vinegar every time (not a cup, more like 1/4 cup tops) to disinfect the gi
  6. Tea Tree Oil buy some pure tea tree oil and mix a few drops (in a separate container) with some detergent. It’s potent stuff, so use sparingly, but it smells much nicer than vinegar and it will also disinfects
  7. For white BJJ Gi, do not pour bleach directly on it.  Mix the bleach in the water first and then add your Gi if you had to
  8. Remember to always hang dry after each use if you were not going to wash right away. DO NOT  leave your BJJ Gi in your gym bag wet
  9. Make certain that your BJJ Gi is completely dry before folding and storing in your closet. This is to ensure no one passes out from the moldy smell!You are always training  in close proximity to other students in class, so care for your Gi and be courteous to others by making certain your BJJ Gi is odor free. If you have any other tips share with us by leaving a comment.


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