A strong foundation is just the beginning for a well-rounded child. Arts For Fitness, we look at the whole child: emotional, physical, academic and social.  Arts For Fitness’ founder Grand Master Federico Weil is the first instructor to have developed the youth Taekwon-do martial arts program in South America. The program was so succesful and was implemented in the most prestige schools around the world.

Our expertise in Taekwon-Do has bridged all areas to meet the needs of every child and empower our youth through the arts to find a healthy and bright future. Our methodology has been proven to develop and strengthen children’s moral and social characteristics. Since 1989 we have been committed to children by working hand in hand with parents and schools, promoting the realization that martial arts training will have a positive effect on your child now and for years to come.

Each class is taught with a focus is on self-defense,  importance of respect, discipline, teamwork, and a healthy competitive attitude. These elements are at the core, but the martial arts classes are also fun and engaging for the children.

“One of the ways to show true love to your children is to let them develop the mastery of self-defense at an early age. You are providing a priceless, lifetime gift for those you love.”  Grand Master Federico A Weil (Sir Fred)