Why Yoga? Yoga gives you energy, flexibility and strength. It can correct posture, clear the mind and reduce stress. It can make you feel great by getting you balanced. Our Classes are targeted toward gradual but steady progress, rather than quick and fleeting results.

There is a precise and careful attention to physical alignment, an insistence on integrated and balanced development, and an emphasis on postures to develop strength, endurance and suppleness. Over a period of time your practice becomes extremely powerful and sophisticated and can be practiced at a very advanced age.

The practice of yoga takes devotion, courage and tenacity from the practitioner, but the benefits are far reaching and will assist you in every aspect of your daily life. With our yoga classes, you will discover an intelligent way to enhance your health while bringing balance, body awareness, and peace of mind into your life.

Is Yoga For Me?

Yoga is for everyone, not just those who are physically fit. Yoga’s benefits are varied, comprehensive and far reaching. Most postures have simple variations that everyone can do. You do not have to be strong, well-toned, flexible or personally integrated to start yoga. These attributes could be gained through regular yoga practice.

How do I start Yoga?

For yoga newcomers, you are welcome in all the classes we currently offer. Although we recommend that you have your own; mats and all other props are provided. Avoid eating before practice. Wear comfortable non constricting clothing. Avoid baggy clothes. You will practice bare foot. We recommend that you practice at least twice a week.

Yoga Mindset

It is important to bring a non -competitive mindset to class. Do not force the postures, clinch your teeth, hunch your back or hold your breath! Effortless effort is what we are working towards. In yoga slow, consistent, grounded practice works best.


While studying engineering in college, Chi attended yoga classes regularly. One day in class she was approached by a medical professor that turned her life around. Chi was asked to teach first and second year med students yoga in order to reduce their stress levels.

With her instructor’s encouragement she conducted her first class, which was composed of more than 500 students. Her first reaction was intimidation, but as she waited for the entire auditorium to get quiet, she found her calling and her gift to teach the Art of Yoga. Chi has studied with Manouso Manos, Kathleen Pringle, Shiva Rea, Doug Swenson, Sean Corne and many other renowned masters of the art.

She accomplished extensive teacher trainings with world class premier master teachers Nikky Knoff and James Bryant. Chi was also invited and featured in Doug Swenson yoga video series. A Certified Yoga Teacher, she can’t imagine her life without yoga and the benefits it brings. Chi loves teaching and enjoys sharing with her students the love of Yoga, combined with guided thought meditation.

Her classes are open to all level students with a purpose to create healing, balance and flexibility in a calming, nurturing environment with lots of light hearted laughs.